Glen (Black LFANT logo crew, Ryan’s shirt & Ivory John Henry workman pants) & Bruce (White LFANT logo crew, Blue Ox & Slate John Henry workman pants) – Accessory Designers

There is something beautiful, powerful, and edifying about duality. On a macro level, there is beauty in contrast, in the point of intersection between opposing forces. The beauty of dawn, the wonder of dusk: there is balance in the meeting of light and dark, yin and yang.

Glen (Black LFANT logo crew & Ryan’s shirt) & Bruce (White LFANT logo & Blue Ox button-up) bruceglen.com

Chris Griggs for LFANT (Noon Day hoodie, Dixie gingham button-up & Hardin Gunn trousers)

On a micro level, there is beauty in having a partner–profound beauty. There is beauty in having someone who cares for your life as much as they care for their own life. Such partnerships yield invaluable growth: emotionally, socially and developmentally.

Steven Onoja – Menswear Blogger stevenonojo.com (PAC 11 vintage football jersey & Savannah tartan button-up)

Glen (Forest Artisan Field jacket, LFANT Law crewneck, Stripe button-up & Ivory John Henry workman pants) & Bruce (LFANT Trench, LF scraf & Slate John Henry workman pants)

Little personifies the power of duality better than twins. Twins possess a unique opportunity for honest introspection and guidance, sans ego.  One buttresses the other, and in doing so builds up himself.

Soul (Night Africa crew, Leaves n Twigs button-up & Jackson khaki cargo pants) & Dynasty (Africa Day crew, Leaves n Twigs button-up & Wilson navy chino pants) – Fashion Designers www.lenchanteur.co

Steven Onojo ( Navigator crew & Blue Ox) & Dynasty Ogun (Africa Day crew, Leaves n Twigs button-up & Wilson chino’s)

Moreover, twins represent the ability for each of us to truly empathize with another on a higher plane. Though physically separate, twins often share the unique ability to feel each other in ways that seem foreign to others.  Twins provide valuable insight into the path towards a larger, empathic civilization.

Steven Onoja (Navigator crew royal & Blue OX button-up)

At every juncture, LFANT is a tale of duality and of partnership.

s 9 DystanySoullo

Dynasty & Soul – in L’All’s and Leaves n Twigs button-ups

Two sets of brothers–two sets of partners. (Not pictured Ryan & Sidney Jackson, Clayton & Chris Griggs)
First on offense, first on defense.

Chris & Clayton – in Big 11 & PAC 11 vintage football jersey’s

Clayton Griggs for LFANT (William jacket, Ryan’s shirt & Wilson chino black)

There is an invaluable lesson to be learned here: though separate entities physically, we are all deeply connected to those around us. We are all an extension of another. We will build together, or fall alone. There is no middle ground.

s 12 Group

So it was here at LFANT. So it still is.
We seek to build. Will you join us?

Photography by Rog Walker

Words by Kalada Halliday

Accessories by George Frost

Footwear by Tretorn

  • Kalada Halliday