This is about layering button-ups, while keeping your FRESH!

But in a modern way that gives you style and options without adding bulk. This look is for the guy that has a sense of style but refuses to wear the latest trends, a traditional dude.  He’s not into extra long, muti-color panels or any shirt that reminds him of a blouse his mother would wear. He’s cool, but not a Wave Rider his pieces have to be suitable for work and play, that’s what The Double Good all about!

Fall is officially here, before everybody starts pulling out those heavy coats, The Double Good will work just fine until then! This look is suitable for right when it’s not really cold enough for a leather jacket but still chilling enough for a light jacket, I get it! If you choose the light jacket route than The Double Good will work beautifully with that look. I know traditional thinking is, I’ll wear a heavy flannel shirt, no good, The Double Good is the move. The same warmth you can achieve with a coat you can get from a shirt made of canvas twill, oxford & a light jacket.

The key to pulling off this look is to use a lighter weight shirt underneath a heavier weight one, this way you can wear the same size shirts together. At LFANT we pride ourselves on sourcing quality fabrics that are cotton fiber dense, like our oxfords and canvas twills you can definitely get the same coverage with less clothes. Menswear is LFANT! #livefree

Clothing Native Heritage collection LFANT Location Ali for A Noble Savage Model Kalada Halliday for Brooklyn Good Guys Photography by Lion @roarinlion Accessories by George FrostShoes by Eastland