Ms. NeverNotWorking been a terror since the public school era, known for being the “Director of Vibes”, one of the hardest working networkers this side of the Mississippi is Julz Goddard – a.k.a YesJulz! Her boundless amounts of energy and relationships with the most popular names in music, sports & fashion produce some of the most memorable moments. Through her work with companies such as Revolt TV and Beats by Dre, she is quickly gaining recognition from both her industry leading peers and the marketers at some of the top brands today while sharing her growth with her audience every step of the way, showing them what it takes to be both the “talent” and the business (wo)man! She definitely is bridging the gap between cool and conscious.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.13.33 PMAbout a week or so back, Julz and her YesJulz Agency decided to take matters in their own hands! You see Charles Drew Middle, located in Miami, FL, doesn’t have all of the resources that a typical public school may have. There aren’t enough jump ropes, hula hoops, art supplies and basketballs to go around for physical activity. So what did she do?  Julz brought jump ropes, hula hoops, art supplies and basketballs for physical activity.

This is the behavior of a citizen of the plane, instead of seeing a problem and feeling pity, like most so-called celebrities do! Julz and agency jumped right on in and was about that action boss (Marshawn Lynch voice)! Not only did she coming bearing gifts and supplies, she really dug in and bonded with the kids all while wearing our Downtown Baseball Jersey (S/S15).

This event was full of laughter, teaching, and positive vibes. She not only donated to the school, but took the time to interact with the kids. Hugs were given out left and right, and Julz has over 200 selfies on her phone full of smiles.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 8.53.10 PM

Yes Julz Agency teamed up with MovingForwardTGTHR to make sure these middle school kids have the best Friday ever. Thanks to donations from Suki, Sweetsz, and many more, we were able to buy art supplies, pizza, and sporting equipment for one of our favorite middle schools. Check out the video below the Downtown jersey, to see all the actives with kids on “Fun Fridays” with Yes Julz Agency.Downtown BB Jersey home



Photos courtesy of Julz, Brooklyn Wheeler